4 Beer Hacks For Labor Day Weekend

4 Beer Hacks For Labor Day Weekend

Written By: Ry Jackson

It’s about time to trade in the sun-kissed summer ales for full-bodied fall flavors. Labor Day marks the official end of summer which means chillier weather, new class schedules, and warmer clothes are peeking around the corner. 

Before you swap your swimsuit for business casual attire, there’s still one more weekend to enjoy the weather with people close to you on the lake, in the backyard, or at the park. No matter where you choose to celebrate, there are important strategies to successfully navigate a 4-day weekend weekend of sunshine, barbecuing, and of course, beer. Below are 5 Beer Hacks For Labor Day Weekend that will make sure you’re last party of the summer is one for the books. 

Establish Your Location

Beer Locations

(map of craft breweries around the U.S. from CraftBeer.com)

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide where you want to hangout. Procrastinating plans too long makes it difficult to designate a sober driver and could result in not having anything to do at all, if your friends decide to do something else. 

To avoid being the person with no where to go, Beer You Go suggests discussing potential options with your friends and family early in the week to clear any confusion about plans. 

Bear in mind that Labor Day weekend falls into the timeline of the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign (Aug. 14-Sept. 2) hosted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). To ensure the utmost safety on U.S. roads law enforcement will be exceptionally strict Labor Day weekend.

Whether you decide to host a party at home or attend one elsewhere,  to avoid any hiccups in transportation that may result to drunk driving be sure to have a few options. 


Protect yourself (sunglasses, hat, sunscreen)

Beer You Go Hat

If you plan to have fun in the sun, then you need to be proactive about your health. Research studies in France, Germany, and Japan have all shown a linkage between drinking and skin cancer showing that “alcohol may act on the body — and skin — in multiple ways and activate a chain of reactions that could make people more vulnerable to skin cancer.”

Mixing alcohol and the outdoors also affects your behavior. This combination makes it more likely to forget to apply and reapply sunscreen and may increase your chances of falling asleep in the sun without the protection of a hat and sunglasses. 

To minimize your risk of sunburn and UV damage, Beer You Go suggests regular sunscreen application, sunglasses, and a hat while outdoors. And for those of you interested in supporting our beer movement, we are running a special on our Trucker Hat for $21.00 in our shop. 


NPR - https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2019/07/14/741063881/mixing-alcohol-and-sun-beware-a-buzz-begets-a-faster-burn

Pick out your staple drink.

An imperative step in being prepared for a weekend of drinking is to make sure you’ve got your go-to staple beer. A staple beer is a simple, easy-drinking beer that is cheaper to buy in bulk, like a lager, cream ale, pilsner or kolsch. Typically these beers are lighter in ABV and body, and are a safer option to pair with spirits compared to high ABV craft beers. Not only are these great  beers for sipping throughout the day, but they make a nice drink for guests who aren’t familiar with craft-beer or don’t enjoy hoppy drinks. Mostly importantly, having a staple beer available is a great strategy to protect your special, top-shelf beers that you’d like to keep for yourself. 

A few staple beers we’ve chosen at Beer You Go are: (pictures for each)

  • Mama’s Little Yella Pils: Oskar Blues 
  • Lagunitas Pilsner 
  • Dayblazer: New Belgium
  • Founders Solid Gold 

Jog, don’t sprint:

At Beer You Go, we want to jog, not sprint to the finish line and it will be a rough weekend if you aren’t strategic about your drinking. When we say “strategic,” we mean staying hydrated and being strategic about what you’re consuming so that you can enjoy yourself without becoming sick. 

Often times, parties have a lot of options, particularly spirits, and high percentage beers that could send you sky high if you don’t pace yourself. To help you avoid a night of embarrassing stories, we suggest that you decide early on if you plan on drinking spirits so that you can buy your drinks accordingly. 

If you decide to drink spirits and beer during Labor Day weekend, Beer You Go advises that you stick to lighter beers with a low ABV. The method behind this is to avoid mixing high ABV beers with spirits.

If you’re someone who plans to stick to high percentage beers for the weekend, we suggest alternating between high percentage beers and your staple beers. Alternating between high and low percentage beer helps conserve your special beers and pace yourself. 

Be sure to stay hydrated and include sips of water in between beers. The easiest way to do this is to keep a water bottle or thermos nearby, you can purchase a large 20 oz. tumbler from our shop here: https://beeryougo.com/products/tumbler-20oz

 Have a great Labor Day Weekend!




Ry Jackson is an Indianapolis-based freelance writer. Self-care. Sustainability…..and Beer. Read more from Ry on Medium: @RyWrites.

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