Beer Run 008 - San Tan/Wren House/Ohso Arizona Beers!

Blog written by JC Holsapple


San Brewing Moon Juice Galactic Grapefruit IPA - 6.6%

"Our out of this world IPA crafted with rare Galaxy and Nelson-Sauvin Hops from the southern hemisphere and a splash of Arizona grown grapefruit juice on top makes for a delicious thirst quenching ale. Enjoy!"

Since I moved to Phoenix earlier this year this has been my go to beer. I'm a hard sell on any IPA's to begin with but if they are more juice forward then I am in that boat. This one is crazy grapefruit heavy juicy IPA. Has a bit of hop finish to it but just an incredible budget friendly juicy IPA!

Wren House Big Spill Pils (Phoenix, AZ) - 4.6%

"Big Spill Pils, our unfiltered and dry hopped take on a classic pils makes its triumphant return. We used the same recipe as last time (100% Pilsen malt fermented low and slow) but this time around we dry hopped with one of our favorites, Galaxy."

I had this one while enjoying some delicious pizza at Pizzeria Bianco in downtown Phoenix. Seriously, if you are in town go there! But back to the beer. This dry hopped Pils is exactly that. A nice crisp Pilsner that has a bit of a hop finish to it. Goes well with pizza!

Mudshark Brewery Vanilla Caramel Porter (Lake Havasu, AZ) - 5.6%

“Vanilla Carmel Porter. A good bard wrote “What’s in a name” - We have it on good authority it’s vanilla and caramel. Mostly chocolate with a slight hopping to balance the sweetness - This porter is one smooth operator anytime, anywhere.”

For not having chocolate in the name there is a ton of it on the nose and the taste. A hint of caramel in the nose but not much vanilla at all. The taste is sweet chocolate carmel with no vanilla. Creamy mouthfeel makes this one an okay dessert beer but not amazing. 

Ohso Brewing Insta-Graham (Phoenix, AZ) - 8.7%

“The next beer in our fluff series. Featuring local marshmallow fluff from Toasted Mallow and copious amounts of graham crackers this hazy IPA was also double dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra.”

Nice hazy pour with a head that subsides pretty quick. The nose is like when you open up a package of graham crackers. Seriously, it’s that strong. The flavor is incredible. Creamy marshmallow gives way to the graham cracker finish. Not too hoppy but has a bit of a fruit flavor to it as well. A really great Milkshake IPA. 

Ohso Brewing Two Pump Chump (Phoenix, AZ) - 12.5%

“Two Pump Chump is a pumpkin Wee-Heavy and is our first release in our “Ales From the Crypt” barrel aged series. We used two different types of gourds in the mash and aged it for 6 months in 7year Flor de Cana Rum barrels. Subtle pumpkin spice blends perfectly with the vanilla and caramel sweetness that is naturally in rum barrels.”

Nice dark brown pour with a white foamy head. The nose is very sweet with spices and a little rum. The taste is pretty crazy. It’s a really nice deep pumpkin flavor but with a sweetness from the spiced rum that just puts it over the top. The spiced rum flavor is constant throughout it so if you are not a fan of rum then this definitely isn’t for you. But the 12.5% is a big wallop to the senses and honestly it just fits this beer so well. You don’t really want to drink more than one because of the sweetness anyway so the high ABV is right where it should be. 

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