BEER RUN: Volume 004: "Whatever looked interesting at the store."

Beer Run Volume 4

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This week we have a fun mix of IPA’s, an ale and a bock as well! 

We didn’t do a theme this week instead just going for a fun mix of whatever looked interesting at the store.

A Tampa favorite, one from California and then a few local Texas crafts make up this weeks brews. 

In no particular order!


Back From Bridge City White IPA
5 Stones
ABV: 6.5% 

5 Stones regularly puts out some interesting flavors near me and I will say that for the most part they are all winners. This one is a big win for me. A White IPA made with fresh grapefruit & coriander that isn’t overly bitter and hoppy. Great fresh flavor and a wonderful can design to boot.


Legal Holiday
Legal Draft Beer Company.
ABV: 6.5%

“Old World meets New World in this Christmas beer. We use rye malt, blood orange peel, and spices for a warming, satisfying feel and a smooth finish.”

This one was clearly left over from the holiday season but I scooped it up anyway because it had a cool looking can. The spices were a bit much for me but I think if I would have had it on a cozy night leading up to Christmas as intended it probably would have hit the spot! Legal Draft out of Arlington is another on that is gaining a lot of steam around Texas so be sure to keep an eye for them.


Orange X
ABV: 5.25%

“Orange X is a fresh new take on our classic Extra Pale Ale. We combined the crisp, light balance and generous hop profile of X - Extra Pale Ale with the bright juicy citrus character of oranges as a tasting room exclusive here in San Diego. The positive response was so overwhelming that we decided to trust in our fans by putting it into cans. Orange X is for the people!”

This was another solid fruity IPA during this weeks offerings. Alesmith is more known to me for their Speedway Stouts but if you are in the market for an EPA that bursts with orange flavor then this is the one for you.


German-Style Spring Bock
Saint Arnold
ABV: 6.9%

“An authentic, copper colored, German-style Bock, celebrating the coming of spring. This big, deeply flavored lager has been aged to create a smooth, malty taste with a hint of sweetness. A light addition of German hops balances the malt flavor.”

Let me just get this out of the way first, I love Saint Arnold. I think their beers are consistently some of the best and freshest tasting beers that I can find around here. From their standbys to their seasonals they always taste great and this Spring Bock is no different. Just a solid bock style lager that is easy to drink and great tasting!


Guayabera Citra Pale Ale
Cigar City Brewing
ABV: 5.5% 

“Traditional throughout Latin America, the guayabera shirt combines style, functionality, form and tradition in it’s four-pocketed design.  We at Cigar City feel the same reverence and appreciation for the guayabera that we do for the Citra hop varietal, an ingredient that imparts notes of tangerine, lime and berries to this traditional American Pale Ale.  The exclusive use of Citra hops in this beer creates a flavor that’s at once unique and recognizable, while it’s dry, crisp character and moderate alcohol make it as refreshing and functional as a crisp linen guayabera.” 

I was so excited to get this one and try it out because Cigar City has long been one of the most talked about breweries all over the states. Unfortunately it’s just your standard hoppy IPA. If that is your thing then you will enjoy it no doubt, I just like to experience new tastes when it comes to IPAs and am more into the citrus infused variety.


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