Brewery Visit! 12 West Brewing X Johnny Cupcakes Collab Event!

As a life long Johnny Cupcakes fan and an adult long fan of craft beer, this event was a match made in Beer/Clothing Heaven for me. If you haven’t ever heard of Johnny Cupcakes then go check out his site here. I will keep this blog more focused on the brewery and the beers as this is a beer site after all.


This was not my first time at 12 West and it will not be the last. For more about 12 West and what is currently on tap check out their site. 12 West Brewing is small craft brewery in the heart of Gilbert, Arizona on the grounds of Agritopia. 12 West isn’t the biggest brewery and unlike most of the Phoenix breweries they don’t offer food at all which means the beer has to be just right. It is located inside Barnone so if you are looking for a bite to eat then there is some great brick oven pizza right across the hallway that will deliver it to your table at the brewery. Beer and Pizza what else could you ask for?


12 West did a special cupcake lactose IPA for the event so I took it upon myself to try it for you readers, read on to see what I thought of my flight of six 12 West beers!


  1. Cupcake Calamity NE IPA made with Vanilla and Lactose - 7.2%
    Couldn’t really get a nose for this one as they dance it up with whip cream and sprinkles. Nice lactose creamy feel in the mouth. Not overwhelming vanilla either. Very good special occasion beer.
  1. PALETERO SERIES: QUICK QUESTION hazy pale ale with strawberry and grapefruit - 6.2% Pretty good IPA. Not too hoppy. Strawberry gives it a nice crisp finish. I didn’t pick up much grapefruit in it but still a very drinkable IPA.
  1. Friends in Low Places Pilsner - 6.4%
    Not a lot going on. Easy to drink pilsner. Has a nice crisp feel to it but not as light as my wife would have liked it to be.


  1. Midnight Run Coffee Stout - 5.3%
    “Using a blend from Spirit Mountain Coffee based in Mesa, this roasty oatmeal stout finishes with notes of chocolate and a slight bitterness.”
    Decent coffee stout. If you read my Coffee Stout blog then you know I’m rather picky about the taste when it comes to these and this one is more on the burnt coffee bean side of a coffee stout which I find rather hard to finish. I like it to be more balanced especially when it was supposed to be an oatmeal stout with coffee.
  1. Noch Einer Marzen - 5.6%
    This is their first attempt at an Oktoberfest style beer and I have to say… they nailed it. This was the best of the bunch that I sampled. Just a great take on a classic style.

  2. Amarillo by Morning hazy pale ale - 6.5%
    Having been brewed with over a 100 pounds of Amarillo Hops this one is a big ‘ol IPA but surprisingly it has a really nice floral feel to it that makes it incredibly drinkable.

 Source: 12 West Instagram

There you have it. On an earlier trip I had a Flamboymint Pale Ale that I thought was really nice as well. It is a Single malt, single hop Pale Ale brewed with cocoa nibs and mint. Not quite a dessert beer as you would think because the balance is done so well. It just has a hint of thin mint to it so you can drink it without feeling like your sweet tooth is going to fall out.


Overall I think 12 West and Johnny Cupcakes dealer Toshira Adams put on a great event with a little something for everyone. JC did a first for this event by producing a one of a kind glassware item that I was lucky enough to snag up. Check it out below and thanks for reading!


A few images in this post were sourced from 12 West's Facebook and Instagram pages which you can check out by clicking.


Note: We were contacted by Consumers Advocate about an important piece of information you should know about drinking while traveling. Apparently, most travel insurance policies don't cover alcohol related incidents. Read the full article here:

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