3 Ways To Find Breweries Near You

We live on the road right now and are always trying to find breweries near our next destination or along the route.

Here are our top three ways we find breweries on the road.


Craftbeer.com is a site published by the Brewers Association, the organization that helps protect and promote craft breweries around the United States, and is always my first stop online when looking for a brewery. 

They have created a simple, searchable and easy to use interactive map of the United States that highlights every craft brewery! It's accurate, from what we've found so far, and gives the brewery website which is helpful when deciding which brewery to choose. 

craftbeer.com brewery map

You also know that the brewery you are supporting is doing the best it can to support the local economy and engage with it's community because it is a part of the Brewers Association. 

Note: Some breweries are not on this list because they haven't applied or haven't met the guidelines set forth by the Brewers Association. 

Sometimes the map is a difficult to use on a mobile device (though it's come a long way), and when that's the case we go to option 2:


Google Maps also pulls in those smaller breweries that aren't listed on craftbeer.com.

Google has the most data and the most accurate data around when it comes to where to go and how to get there. We can also find a brewery nearby and get directions there in a matter of seconds on our phones.  


Our favorite way to find breweries on the road by far!

We have a running list of recommendations from people we've run in to at different breweries around the country on our phone. Usually these recommendations come from personal experience which proves to be much more accurate that what you can find out about a brewery online. We also weigh in people's opinion if there are several breweries to visit in a specific area (most big cities).

If we get a personal recommendation to go somewhere, we try to make it happen. Although, if we were to visit every brewery recommended to us we'd be on the road for years!

Have any recommendations for us? 

Let us know on Instagram, Facebook or email (evan@beeryougo.com).


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