Three Great Southern Breweries You’ve Never Heard Of

As guys who live (and drink!) in the South, we make it our business to find out what’s new in brew around here.

It’s tough work, but somebody’s got to do it, right?!

Today, we’re pulling back the curtain and giving you a glimpse inside three great breweries operating down here in the South. You’ve probably never heard of them, but you DEFINITELY need to know about them!

Cherry Street Brewing Co-Op
Cumming, Georgia

Who They Are
Based in Cumming’s quaint Vickery Village, Cherry Street Brewing started as a homebrew garage operation before growing into a full blown community brewery.

Together, the team comes up with crazy, off-the-wall recipes and experiments with unusual ingredients. Their goal is to discover fresh and exciting brews for you to enjoy. As a co-op, Cherry Street is more than just a place that brews beer. They’re truly focused on become a neighborhood-supported destination. Every customer who visits Cherry Street leaves feeling just a little better than they did before they came. And that’s not just because of the drinks!

Why You Need To Know Them

Cherry Street Taproom operates as the adult bar side of neighboring Rick Tanner’s Grille & Bar.

What does that mean for you?

Food and drink, of course! As a brewpub, they sell beer by the glass, something that sets them apart from most other breweries in the area. They also boast one of the largest beer selections in the state, with more than 28 beers on tap year round! The taproom also features craft cocktails, including sophisticated whiskey and bourbon options as well as a healthy wine menu.

In other words, there’s something for everyone at Cherry Street!

Birds Fly South Ale Project

Greenville, South Carolina
Who They Are

Family owned and operated, the Birds Fly South Ale Project takes an old-school throwback approach to craft beer. By combining time-tested brewing methods with a few of their own modern practices, the team at Birds Fly South focus specifically on farmhouse saisons and sour beers.

Each barrel packs its own unique punch, delivering complex and delicious flavor. But what’s the deal with their name? Well, it’s a family inside joke. After 22 years of Coast Guard life, the family slowly made their way south to eventually settle in Greenville as a flock together!

Why You Need To Know Them

The vibe at Birds Fly South is unmatched. An urban farmhouse located in Greenville’s West End Water Tower district, the tasting room is designed to inspire good conversations, good drinks, and good times. They’re big on bringing people together. With live music, outdoor patios, and a stand-up bar, it’s a great spot in the heart of Greenville to try a new brew and spend a little time kicking back and relaxing with friends!


Scofflaw Brewing Co.
Atlanta, Georgia

Who They Are
Scofflaw Brewing Co. is owned and operated by a band of brewing brothers committed to innovating and expanding the horizons of craft beer in the Southeast. After brewing for years in a one-barrel basement system, owners Matt Shirah and Travis Herman opened their own 18,000 square foot brewery in Atlanta just last year. Both walked away from careers in corporate America to follow their passion to brew. And it’s paid off! Now they’re running one of the coolest industrial breweries in the Southeast. But on their taps, they keep it simple, including classic IPA’s and stouts—the kind of beer they love to drink! 

Why You Need To Know

The goal at Scofflaw is to create beers that everyone loves to drink. The team is fiercely proud to not only brew their own beers, but drink them, too! Their doors are open every Thursday-Sunday when visitors are invited to tour the brewery, grab a beer, and get in on the conversation.


Make sure you don’t miss the tour. It takes you from the brewhouse and fermentation kegging all the way to the bottling area and tasting room.


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