Beer You Go Road Trip 002: Serda Brewing

Serda Brewing
We dropped in to Serda Brewing by recommendation on our way through Mobile, AL. 
**Warning to anyone traveling here in an RV - there is a 12 foot bridge you'll want to avoid while pulling in to town. It ads about 15 minutes to the drive, but you'll get to keep your air conditioner.**
Serda Brewing opened it's doors just over a year before our visit and is located in downtown Mobile, AL. Serda is home to German style beers with added American flavor. As they say,
" The core brand beers are traditional German styles that have had an American craft beer face lift: richer in flavor, bolder in strength, more complex in character, a reflection of the past with modern craft brewing innovation."
The set up and amount of space to gather with friends stands out. There are plenty of seats at a bar surrounding their brewhouse and spaces outside for food trucks to park and serve patrons. 
Serda Brewing    Serda Brewing
As soon as we walked in, we ran in to the Director of Brewing, Todd Hicks. Todd was set up working on his laptop (they have fiber optic high speed wifi for those working looking for a place to set up and get some work done) and he soon gave us a tour of the brewing facilities as we sipped on one of their beers. Todd has been brewing beer longer than I've been alive and has been involved with beer advocacy in Alabama since 2003 as a founding member of both Free the Hops and the Alabama Brewers Guild. Needless to say, Todd enjoys talking about and making beer almost as much as he does drinking it. Almost. 


Serda has a great selection of German style brews. Even their IPA includes  German hop varietals, which happened to be our favorite. 
I really wish I knew enough about flavor profiles and tasting at this point to give descriptions of the beer as good as their website does, but that just isn't the case. 
If you head over to their beer list, you'll get descriptions like...
Mobile Bay – IPA  Upon first look, the beer pours slightly clouded from unfiltered hop oils and has a tight frothy sticky head. IPA nose is very upfront and packs a fresh citrus/mandarin orange/apple-pear punch.   Moderate body from a strong pale ale fermented drier than most American versions. Won’t leave you with heavy thick finish, but a lingering sweet hop burn.
I can say that the beer is good, the environment open and welcoming, the staff knowledgeable and you should definitely visit. If you do, check their Facebook page or Instagram to see what events are going on. 
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