Beer You Go Road Trip BONUS: I Can Roll a Big Fat One

While at Serda Brewing in Mobile, AL we ran in to Kelly from from

birmingham sushi classes

Kelly was setting up for one of her "I Can Roll A Big Fat One" sushi classes while we were recording our podcast with the brewers. While there we learned about what she's doing and couldn't help but share. Kelly has been rolling sushi for longer than we've been able to legally drink beer. 

Birmingham sushi classes has served over ten thousand students; teaching them to roll their own sushi rolls at home. Currently, they are traveling to breweries all over the southeast so people can drink locally brewed craft beer while they learn how to roll. 

According to their site you'll learn everything from how to make perfect sticky rice every time, how to make your own BangBang sauce while you're at Chick-Fil-A, how to roll a roll that doesn't fall apart and how to properly handle raw fish at home.

Some of the breweries you can find Kelly teaching at include:

Serda Brewing in Mobile, AL

Common Bond Brewers in Montgomery, AL

Southbound Brewing Company in Savannah, GA

Urban South Brewery in New Orleans, LA

TrimTab Brewing Company in Birmingham, AL

Sycamore Brewing in Charlotte, NC

Straight to Ale Brewing in Huntsville, AL

Black Warrior Brewing Co. in Tuscaloosa, AL

Second Self Beer Company in Atlanta, GA

Singin' River Brewing Company in Florence, AL

Cahaba Brewing Company in Birmingham, AL

Ghost Train Brewing Co. in Birmingham, AL

...and several others.

We haven't taken a class yet, but are keeping our eyes out for a class in a city near us as we're on the road.  

If you'd like to find out more info on Birmingham Sushi Classes and find out where they'll be you can do so in one of several ways...





There are upcoming classes in Birmingham, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Mobile (and several more). 

To find out where Kelly will be and when go to and let us know what you think!