We believe some of the best conversations in life happen over a beer, so we're recording some of those conversations. 

Currently, we're traveling around the country to craft breweries interviewing the people behind the scenes and experts in the craft beer industry and most of our interviews up to this point have been recorded in the front of our Winnebago Brave.

Episodes for the first season will be released on a weekly basis. Hope you enjoy!

You can find our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud or by pressing play on any episode below. 


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Episode 00: Beer You Go!

In this episode Andrew and Evan, Beer You Go Co-Founders, discuss the why behind the company and the podcast. They end up learning a little bit about the why while they have the conversation.


Episode 01: Jekyll Brewing (Alpharetta, GA)

In this episode Evan sits down with Nate from Jekyll Brewing in Alpharetta, GA. Jekyll Brewing is our Home Town Brewery, located minutes from where we used to live in GA. We love the beer and the culture they have created at their taproom. 


Episode 03: Common Bond Brewers (Montgomery, AL) 

In this episode Evan sits down with Andrew from Common Bond Brewers in Montgomery, AL. Common Bond Brewers has created something that helps the people of Montgomery connect with each other and with their community. (Also, Andrew formerly worked for the CDC and knows more about the chemistry of brewing than anyone I've spoken with.)



Episode 04: Serda Brewing (Mobile, AL)

In this episode, Evan sits down with Todd and Michael of Serda brewing. They talk about random things related to brewery events, Mobile, AL and of course brewing beer.



Episode 05: Reformation Brewery (Woodstock, GA) 

 In this episode, Evan sits down with Spencer Nix of Reformation Brewery in Woodstock, GA. They talk about North Georgia, values, and some exciting developments Reformation has coming their way!


Episode 06: New Realm Brewing (Atlanta, GA)